May 4th, 2007

Vengeance on Two Wheels

To the driver of the champagne-colored van, MA plate # G33 847

Dear sir,

You are an asshole of the first caliber. Congratulations on proving the size of your dick by going over the double-yellow to pass a lone motorcyclist. Your conversation at the following stoplight when I pulled alongside to notify you of your safety infraction (which obviously got you nowhere, as you ended up behind me in traffic again), also left something to be desired. For a state which holds so much hatred for New York, your greeting of "Go fuck yourself" made this New Yorker feel right at home.

Sadly, I chose to be the better man, because I bet I could have fucked up your valve stems and gotten away with in when you pulled in to that shopping center. You do not deserve to be on the road, threatening the lives of others in compensation for the impotence age and your own failures in life have bestowed upon you. Killing me or another motorcyclist will not help you get it up, unless you get a hard on from murder; in which case you don't deserve to be walking our streets any more than driving them.

I would wish you ill, but your sunny disposition reveals to me that you have already made your own hell. So instead, I will simply and cheerfully hope that you that enjoy it.

May you get everything you deserve in life,
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