February 7th, 2007

Vengeance on Two Wheels

Sermonizing (http://www.metafilter.com/58406/SPLAT#1580769)

"Death is a part of life. The biggest part, in fact. Due to the very nature of death, it defines life. Life is the absence of death, and the things we do to avoid death, court death, cause death. One of the most powerful things we can do in life is come to terms with our own mortality. For different people this comes in different doses. Some ride motorcycles. Some jump off of tall objects. Some have boatloads of kids. Our choices in this matter define us, make us who we are.

To hurl one's form from a height with nothing but a faith in probability and in the technology strapped to one's back is to embrace this mortality. It is to surrender the ego and the illusion of free will in the larger sense, both symbolically and literally illustrating that any one small choice of ours (to jump) can set off a course of events outside of our control; a course of events that could lead to death. It is by understanding this helplessness and defining the limit through one's own actions and conscious choices that we live. Anything less is just existence, no different from cattle in a field or bacteria in a petri dish. Not everyone is content to stay at home, waiting for an anonymous death to come. Some wish to probe the boundaries of life, to know death when it comes and to be ready for it; emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You may not need to jump from a plane to accomplish this process for yourself, but who are you to dictate the path others take to understanding mortality and embracing (rejoicing in?) the temporality of life?"