October 30th, 2006

Relaxing... a little

More fun with off-format Television programming

I saw The Prestige with Becca and her friend Betsy yesterday. The movie, combined with the fact that Betsy's in her residency, sparked another idea for a TV show in my brain. Following from topological crime drama, we have quantum mechanical medical drama. For example, in one episode, the doctors must save a scientist who has trapped himself inside a Schrödinger box. How can you treat a man who is half-living, half-dead when any attempt to observe him has a 50% chance of killing him? Or what about a man whose death has trapped him in a causal temporal loop? Do you save him, risking the destruction through paradox of the entire universe, or do you condemn him to an eternity of suffering? As an added plus, it'd be cool to actually have certain key episodes that play with porbability have probabilistic repercussions. That's to say, in 50% of markets, the next episode follows the plot where the scientist in the Schrödinger box lived, and half of the viewing audience sees an episode where the cast copes with his death (e.g., the doctor who made the decision to open the box is commended in one, condemned/fired in another).
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