October 28th, 2006

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I had an idea last week, based on an odd dream. In the dream, someone was committing topological crimes. As in, manipulating objects in three-dimensional space such that they were transformed. I remember a toilet being inverted (convex instead of concave), for example. So I was thinking about taking the show NUMB3RS to the next level, and having a spin-off about a special crime division dedicated to solving topological crimes, including theft, vandalism (I remember a skyscraper being folded down until it had all but disappeared), and even murder. And of course, whenever they would get a new case, they'd say of the recurring criminal mastermind: "He really torus a new one!"

I also had another t-shirt idea. One that says: "Meat and Metal Don't Mix! Robosexuals go home!" with a silhouetted person (as from a bathroom door) and a robot holding hands, possibly with a heart between them, and then a big red circle with a slash over it.
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