July 30th, 2006

Prof. Ned Brainard

Time, Travels

The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance from two different Back to the Future movies, synched. (google video link inside the MetaFilter thread)

Here's a scenario for you: A billiard ball is hit into the side pocket of a pool table, which has been conveniently replaced with a wormhole. The other end of the wormhole, thanks to a relativistic time dilation, is slightly in the past. Both ends are now at rest with respect to each other. Assuming conditions are perfect in terms of the shot being lined up, the ball comes out of the wormhole earlier than it entered the other end, hitting itself and knocking itself into the wormhole, sending it into the past. Lather, rinse, repeat. Would the ball only go through once, and be perceived as happening over and over by an observer? Or would it go through infinitely many times (until it crumbled and fell apart) but only seem to go through once to an observer? I'll put my answer behind an lj-cut.

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I'm so glad someone decided to Ask MetaFilter about time travel.
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Hello Time Bomb!

Spam filter dumbness

Ok, so I get 40 messages at the same time with the same subject line. Why then does my e-mail program let 7 of them through? I would think it's obvious that anything you get 40 of at the exact same time oughta be flagged as junk. What is the point of all the fancy Bayesian crap and exotic formulas if you forget to check the basic stuff?
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