February 8th, 2006


I fell asleep in class tonight.

And my professor got all excited. Apparently, I'm good at falling asleep. I got hooked up to the electrodes tonight and took an hour-long nap. I felt like I took a while to get to sleep. But as I fell asleep, I did some lucid signaling with my eyes. As I got hypnagogic imagery, I tried to change it, as with lucid dreaming. When I did so, I moved my eyes left-right-left-right really quickly (an unmistakeably artificial signal). The professor thought I was awake, judging from my EEG. We're going to analyze and reduce the data next week. She wants me to keep working on my lucid signalling over the course of the semester.

I went to a meeting tonight for a new comedy group. Could be fun; but it's all engineers (oh, and one English major) right now. But they're not all Monty Python/Simpsons-heads. We'll see what happens; this group has more of an emphasis on writing than performing. They sure liked me, though.

If you've got an hour, here's a routine by Russell Peters.

I gotta go wash the electrode gel off my head and then write a paper that was due a week ago.