February 4th, 2006

Isn't it Sunday?

Holy crap, no classes on Friday is like sweet, sweet redemption for all those Saturdays I had to work. I've gone from one-day weekends to three.

So I've got no excuse for not getting everything done around the house I need to get done, right? Well, crap then.
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Relaxing... a little

Shopping with "The Itis"

Oh, man, I got the itis. On purpose, I went out and got a whole mess of ribs, fries, and chili. I'm used to doing my grocery shopping on an empty stomach (~24 hrs. since last meal). Today, I went on a full stomach, and I could not get out of there fast enough. The secret to weight loss is eating a whole mess of food once a week, and then doing your grocery shopping afterwards. Anything fatty or carbohydrate-y will make your stomach turn and you'll come home with salad, greens, and fruits to carry you through the rest of the week (with a bit of fish/chicken thrown in). So if I'm up 2 lbs. today, I'll probably be down ½ a lb. every other day this week.

Next week: Cooking with The Itis!
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Hello Time Bomb!

Meet the old 'Boss'

The concept of a "boss" at the end of a video game was invented by two psychology majors interested in the players' reactions to a climactic storyline (rather than the endless progression of difficulty found in pinball machines and other video games of the era). The name "boss" didn't come until Galaxian, where giant ships that were presumed to be orchestrating the alien attacks you were fighting would swoop down to do battle. The game was developed by Namco, a Japanese company; an American company probably would have used something like lieutenant, commander, or general. And thus we have bands like the Minibosses (yay, Minibosses).
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