January 20th, 2006

Winter Rider

Big Empty

Been up for an hour; no studying done yet. Fuck it, I'm going to State Street [Diner] for breakfast.

"I spent most of my time occupying various administration buildings."
I'm finally registered. This may be the first semester ever where I'm registered before the start of classes (including the winter session that ends today). I took a small loan on my surplus financial aid to cover living expenses temporarily, so I don't need to panic about finding a job (and can now go to career services and plan things sedately). I got a psych posting for a hospital in Boston yesterday, which is a long shot, but worth applying to. To worth applying?

I need a break. From everything. I can't believe classes start on Monday.

42°F, partly cloudy. Fuckit, dude. Let's roll.
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    Suzanne Vega (with DNA) - Tom's Diner