December 9th, 2005

A Solitary Mine

First Place at Making Sense (Stop Making Sense!)

One down, one to go. I did alright on the Africana exam. The last one I did awesome on the multiple choice and took a dive on the essays. This one my essays were quite elaborate, but my multiple choice answers were notably lackluster.

Despite my belief to the contrary for the better part of the last decade, my capability for ratiocination has actually gotten better, not worse, over time. Things just came so easily in childhood, I guess. But I was able to tie all my essays together to the point they could have been one big essay. I was talking earlier (last week?) with smandas about research papers and tying together completely disparate and perhaps even contradictory (on the surface, seemingly paradoxical) notions from distant academic fields. I just hope I have the grades to get into grad school. Well, I could always go through one of those diploma farms. The big one is this evening. Sleep class. The one I want the Ph.D in. Hey, if I can pull out a B, I should still have an A for the semester. A fucking A. I've only had one of those in seven semesters at Cornell.

Quickly, cause I really need to make lunch then cram, plans for tomorrow are to go shopping. I broke another plate yesterday (it committed suicide while I was washing it; nothing I could do to save it) and I need a new filter for the kitchen faucet. Plus other things. Then I want to put some of my books on my bookshelves (no, really!) etc. I may even study. Sunday is definitely studying for Comm. Then there's only Psych and Law on Thursday and I'm free (and my diasporic brother can come visit). Then to Boston, and Aruba. I'd like to visit NYC at some point this winter, but assuming I make it through this semester, I have to start winter session classes Jan. 3rd (I just got the e-mail on that).

I know I need to be studying, but this is helpful to lay out where I can refer back to it. I definitely think it'll be a good idea to get out of the apartment tomorrow and do some moving around (even if I have to go to Cortland for 1 or 2 things). I just want to remind myself how good it'll feel if I do my best and make it through next week. Coming back next semester is not a given, unless I give it my best.