November 21st, 2005

Winter Rider


I hate being up this early. I actually woke up before my alarm clock. My body was like, hey, it's quarter to six! We have time for a bathroom break and then a quick back to sleep. I said, "You moron, we're supposed to be up at six!" My body was like... but six must be hours... from... now. Oh shit!

Yeah, oh shit indeed. My new desk is together, but I have not had a chance to move my computer over there.

Man, the spiders in my apartment are up and active, so I guess I can be, too. I need to get some semblance of dressed so I can take the big cardboard box the desk came in out to the curb. Just as soon as I regain locomotor function in my extremities.

New icon!
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    Rush, Red Sector A (live)

I'm awake anyway

I want to sleep so badly. I've been up just over 12 hrs. and I'm already prepared to forfeit consciousness for the time being. Too bad I've got class and then a project meeting! I may blow off the project meeting (I discussed this with my partners); especially if it's a matter of being awake enough to ride home (hopefully) before it snows.

In other news, LJ comments can't get through because the new servers are not whitelisted yet, but I can still get all the spam I can eat! (though I think TFH is not having this problem, at least not yet; but GMail seems to)

When I get my new desk set up, I should use the timer and tripod for my camera to get a picture of me collapsed asleep at my desk that I can use for moments like this when I am just *worn out* period.
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