October 5th, 2005

Vengeance on Two Wheels


So this Friday I'm taking my motorcycle to visit Becca. I was talking to my counselor at Gannett today and she suggested since I'm taking the whole day to make the trip that I take Rte. 20 [warning, site commits all sorts of good taste violations, including auto-loading video and playing midi files at you with no apparent way to shut it up]. I'm trying to evaluate the +/-s of this plan when compared to simply following the google directions. It's already a longer trip than I've ever taken. One the one hand, I can see where I'd want to take the long, straight, boring interstates and get there quicker, reducing butt fatigue. But on the other, I can see where taking a more scenic route might promote stopping in different places and getting off the motorcycle for awhile (whereas there is absolutely NO reason to stop along the interstate).

In the winter, I'll likely be taking my truck, and I'll almost certainly take the I-88 to I-90 route. This is probably the one chance I'll have to take the scenic route without the pressure of a two-day weekend behind me. And 20 basically parallels the interstate, if it gets to be like 8PM and I am still nowhere near Boston. One idea to break things up is that since 20 goes right through Northborough, if Tom and Becca are amenable, we could meet at Tom's and get dinner (or if Tom's not available, I could call my uncle in Shrewsbury). That would allow me to rest a bit before completing the last leg of the journey.

Of course the whole scenic element of the trip may be substantially diminished by the fact that it is supposed to rain lots. So why am I taking my motorcycle again? Oh, right, 40-60 mpg vs. 10-20 mpg in my truck; at $3+ a gallon. Of course, if the rain slows 20 to a crawl, there goes my mileage. But it would be worse in the same traffic in the truck. At any rate, fully loaded, I'm guessing at 40 mpg which is about 8 gallons to get to Boston. That's assuming low mileage. In the truck, assuming high mileage of oh, let's say 20, that'd be 16 gallons each way, for a net savings of a decent dinner for two. This man can combine environmentalism AND financial responsibility? Can I really be the Nietzschean Übermensch?

Does anyone know of construction along either route at present?
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