September 29th, 2005

I Want More LIFE!


I rock! Not only did I write my paper for Africana Studies, but I wrote a good paper for Africana Studies. It was articulate, and even had a thesis. I've never had one of those before. Everything about this essay hums. On every page but the first, the page breaks coincide with paragraph breaks... without any substantial manipulation (once I noticed I had a thing going, I took out a tiny phrase on page 4 that made everything line up perfect). So anyway, I'm off to bed. For two hours.

Remember what I was saying about not feeling like a college student yet? Well, I'm getting there!
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The view from up here

Free Fall

Harvey Danger's latest album is available for free download. I'm grabbing it right now; I'll let you know how it is later. Not now, though, because tonight is Rasputina! Yay!

Fallen Ithaca
So fall happened today in Ithaca. Today, all the girls on campus put away their t-shirts and took out their sweatshirts. Following a thunderstorm this morning (sometime around when I went to bed) and another brief shower later (when I was inside a room without windows) the temperature in Ithaca seems to have dropped 20° at once. Today was the first day I wasn't sweating from wearing my riding gear all over campus. The leaves, as if sensing the approach of an ancient comet, leapt from the trees in droves to paper the pavement below (and create slippery conditions for motorcyclists). There is a frost warning now. Welcome to Fall in Ithaca.

I fixed my own toilet yesterday because I am handy. No, I'm seriously good to have around the house.

Stay tuned... in 2006, baka and eideteker ARE: The 1337 K1NGz0rZ of /<0M3DY.
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