September 23rd, 2005

The view from up here

Summer's Requiem

So Summer's finally over. I have a lot to look back on. It was my first summer as a motorcyclist. It was the summer I finished my time at the state pen/community college and returned to Cornell. It was the summer I took my first ride in a helicopter. It was the summer I left the job I'd held for almost 4 years. It was the summer I finally said good-bye for good to the state of New Jersey, where I'd been trapped (aside from a brief reprieve to go to Cornell for months at a time after high school) since I was 8. If I have time to go to the DMV tomorrow, I can get rid of the NJ plates on my truck and then I'll be rid of that place FOREVER.

Summer '05 was all about change. Now we're into autumn, which is the season of leaf changes. I have a lot to look forward to. I can look forward to weekend rides on my motorcycle(s?) around the Finger Lakes region, amongst some of the most beautiful scenery outside of Vermont. I have my make or break semester at Cornell ahead; if I don't put up this term, I might as well shut up. I won't be coming back in the Spring. So I'm behind in the reading, so what? So is everyone else. Fact of the matter is today I really buckled down and did what I had to do without freaking out. Tomorrow, when my paper is all handed in, I can relax and do normal-people things like buying groceries (the cupboard is bare!) and doing laundry (which I've been procrastinating on for longer than usual). Hey, I can shave and stuff, too. I have my archery class to look forward to. Today, I shot two 50s (two sevens, and four nines; nines are bullseyes). I haven't shot since I first took the course in Spring of '98. Cool, eh? Maybe this weekend I'll speed up to the archery place on 13 and see what's what. I need to line up some work-study or something so I can make the outlay to etgay equippeday.

I have no idea what I should do between classes this winter. For some reason, the idea of a massive motorcycle trip appeals to me. I know there will be snow... but I wonder how much it would be to crate my bike somewhere warm and then ride the fuck out of it. Maybe cut like from LA to Jax as I tour the Southwestern United States (and Texas).

In other news, I didn't know until just now (or maybe I forgot) that Ωmegaman was by Andy Summers. I seem to consistently prefer the non-Sting Police songs (Don't tell the director I said so).

Someone said I looked like Demolition Man today. I was in my motorcycle gear, of course. I asked him, since I've been listening to the album, if he meant the song or the movie. He clarified by saying the cops in the movie. So now, to add to "Solja from the Fucha" and "Terminator", I have "Demolition Man". On my way out, I walked through Borders with a guy carrying a motorcycle helmet and asked him (me, Mr. SAD, starting a conversation!) if that was his Suzuki (Bandit 1200 if you care) I passed on the way in. He said it was and we talked bike stuff a bit and he asked me about my mesh jacket for summer riding. Then he pulled out while I was still gearing up, and I waved, and he waved back. Then he pulled out onto the access road and did a small wheelie. Ok, I was impressed up until that (nothing about him said squid). Still, he says it's an '02 and he's only dropped it once. More power to him. Reminds me of the kids on bicycles I rode past in Elmira last weekend. They told me to "do a wheelie" as if, by their say-so, it was legal. I wouldn't even know how to wheelie my bike if I wanted to. And I don't want to. So I yelled back for them to do a wheelie instead and sped off. I wish kids didn't see bikes and immediately think "irresponsible behavior!", but since their parents do, I don't think there's much hope. I just get out there and ride my own ride and don't wheelie to impress anyone (though I do lean pretty deep for a guy with knobby tires and a 35" seat height). Just being a safe motorcyclist is enough of a model.

I want to end this entry on a high note. I just heard a jingling sound at my window. My cat friend has found my apartment. If not for the jingling noise, the reflective eyes at my window would've scared the bejebus outta me. Who is my cat friend? Someone has a cat that they keep outside at this complex. She (I assume) is very friendly; I was working on my bike when I saw her and she came right over. Many of you who know me know I can do a "miao" that is almost indistinguishable from a real cat. I gave her two of those and she was my best friend. I wonder what I said to her. She curled herself in a figure eight around my motorcycle boots and I gave her a scritch-scratch and she tried to follow me inside. What is it with me and strays?
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The Wreck of You

This is what happens when you wait till the last minute, folks.

My PDA just did a hard reset on itself, erasing the paper I was trying to e-mail myself for printing at the lab here. This paper is due in 45 minutes. Of course I don't have a backup on my computer at home.

The assignment description says "No excuses will be accepted as you can always back up your work!" Except when your device crashes as you're trying to perform your backup.

EDIT: I did it. Don't ask me how. The assignment was only a page, but the professor's clever idea of a challenge was to make you distill three readings (four experiments) into a single double-spaced, Times 12 page. It's the first assignment I've ever seen where you're not allowed to make things smaller (I normally write in a 10 pt. font unless it's for a class). I ran from Uris Library to Uris Hall in my MOTORCYCLE BOOTS oww pain and made it with five to spare. On my way running back to the library (where I'd left everything but my paper), I saw another guy clutching a single sheet of paper running past me... in flip-flops. Like I said, I am not alone in last-minute-itis.

I'm synching my PDA now, but I think I will look into sending it in for refurbishing. It's NOT allowed to crash. It took 2 classes worth of lecture notes down with it, and that's unacceptible.

Please note that I am otherwise satisfied with Palm and remain a loyal customer. 2 catastrophic failures in as many years is an immaculate record when compared to Windows. If you are interested in a PDA, I highly recommend Palm over any of their Windows CE counterparts.
L.J. Washington

I was never good with dates

I don't know why I thought that maeincarnate and smandass's birthday was tomorrow. No, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of me taking the MSF course and it would've been my fourth anniversary at BankCo. Yesterday is the anniversary of me taking delivery of the KLR. How insensitive of me. If you do not know either of these ladies, go say happy birthday to them! If you do know them FIND THEM AND HUG THEM!

Today was the first time since spring that I've worn my Aerostich suit, as it was raining like a motherfucker until noon. It got plenty hot this afternoon, so that I was sweating inside my suit. Make up your mind, mother nature! Based on the concept that I am done with courses for my major after this semester and can therefore resume taking classes that amuse me, as I rode through the rain I thought about doing some kind of interdisciplinary thing where I combine personality psychology with fiction writing to study the psychology of characterization. Too bad it's way too late in the game to start an independent study project; that sounds like something I might actually be able to sink my teeth into. It started when I was thinking about the character of Bender on Futurama and about how egotistical he is. Then I thought about how he has to be, because he's a robot, and therefore even less unique than an individual human (I believe in one of the episodes they said he had a 4% nickel impurity, which was the one thing that made him unique). For the purposes of the series, they gave Flexo a goatee to distinguish him from Bender, but in reality, each robot would be identical. So like a teenager piercing his face or tattooing his butt, he needs to rebel all the more not because of the conformity placed on him like in a high school setting, but because of the uniformity inherent in his construction. The whole premise basically boils down to reverse engineering characters (with the intent of building and refining the process for building more unique and less cliché characters down the line).

Also, I had a bug fly up my nose earlier and even though I'm 99% sure it's gone, I can't let myself breathe normally. HE MIGHT STILL BE IN THEIR, WAETING TO GET UP NTO MY BRAINSES.

Meanwhile, we'll see how things go with this hurricane dealie. It's going after Dubya's adopted home state of Texas, so we'll see if it's that he doesn't care about black people, or if he just doesn't care about getting reelected because hey, the 22nd Ammendment bitches. At any rate, I need to get gas for my truck tonight in case the storm causes prices to spike again. I should probably get groceries, too, since I have little more than crackers around the house.
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