September 19th, 2005


What I Got

Sometimes you have to just wake up in the morning and decide things aren't so bad. I've already noticed some of my old-time depression slinking back. But things aren't really so bad. I've got a 2004 truck and two motorcycles, one of which runs. I've got a top of the line cell-phone and one of the awesomest PDAs ever made. So everyone thinks I'm this amazing tech guy, which I guess, after a fashion, I am. I'm at my first choice college; again, at a time when most of my peers (peers, not friends) are getting started on the dead-end jobs they'll grow to hate for the rest of their lives. I've got a girlfriend who is the absolute sweetest person I've ever met. I have no credit card debt. I have more playable LPs than most people have CDs. I write for a marginally successful comedy website that I haven't yet run into the ground. I've got a set of friends who, granted, are scattered to the four winds, but are some of the most simulataneously intelligent and caring people a boy could ever wish for.

I've gotten myself this far. We are who we create ourselves to be. I have to remember that every choice I make decides who I will become tomorrow, and the day after. Yes, it's important to live in the moment; but think globally, act locally.

Today, I'm going to attempt to register my motorcycle and transfer my license to NY State. I have to wait on some paperwork for the truck. Good news is that I may finally own my father's GoldWing in the near future. Then it will be my GoldWing. And I can fix it up, and y'know, ride it. I got some papers from the lawyer; I just need to figure out how to turn these certificates into a title in my state, in my name. I plan to do that before I go to the DMV in case I need to ask them anything.

Bad news is the appointment I made like 6 weeks ago to get my cable installed is tomorrow. Tomorrow I have archery at 10, then meetings with the Learning Skills Center (part of my academic probation) and then my advisor. I may be able to run home then, but afterwards I have my Africana class. These are not negotiable. So I basically won't be home all day. But there IS no good day. I told them to install it before classes started, or to let me do a self-install, but they're imbeciles. Well, if they want my business, they'll have to work around my schedule. They can come before 1000 or after 1600. If they tell me they can reschedule but not til October, I'll tell them good-day and get dryloop DSL instead. I may have to wait as long, but at least I won't stay with a company whose sole intent seems to be to fuck me over.

" far so good. And life's not unpleasant..."
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