August 25th, 2005

Shaft in Africana Studies

I had my first class today. The professor was absent; he had to take his daughter to college today. So there was no lecture, but I already have 2 pages due for the class by Tuesday, and five chapters by Thursday. This is the elective class (Africa: The Continent and Its People). I'm tempted to do a paper on Shaft in Africa, except the prof's probably seen it a hundred times.

After class, I went to get the rest of my books. Don't ask me how, but I was in and out in under 15 minutes. I know, because I parked my motorcycle (without a permit!) behind Willard Straight and I made it back without getting a ticket. I know they cruise that lot like three or four times an hour. So yeah, I stole parking. So far this semester, N@:1, Cornell: 0. Unless you count financial aid, in which case it's Cornell: $17,151, me $0.

After getting books I went shopping for "housewares". Which ended up being clothes shopping. That's right, for the second time this decade I bought clothes. And from OLD NAVY and EDDIE BAUER oh lord. I got a solid colored button-down shirt from Eddie Bauer for under $12 (incl. tax) so it's not like I bought one of their $50 shirts or $75 jeans (wait, the jeans were on sale for $50). I bought two pair of jeans at Old Navy for $20 a pop (their sale) but they are DISTRESSED and FADED. They have taken all the fun out of pants for my gigantic ass. My ass gets its joy from wearing out denim. Oh well. I felt like CJ from San Andreas, trying on all these clothes from different stores. I'm certain my Sex Appeal stat has risen, not just because I bought clothes from Name Brand stores, or because the new clothes don't have holes in unsightly placees. I am down a size in jeans! Getting your wisdom teeth out is the BEST DIET EVAR except for the EXCRUCIATING PAIN and PROFUSE BLEEDING and interminable weeks of healing. But then, you knew that already.

So yeah, I also got a shirt at Old Navy (I got lots of button downs, geez). I couldn't find anything I thought I'd wear at GAP or Aeropostale or A&F. I went to Sears (where my family traditionally shops, along with Macy*s and Penny*s) and picked up a shirt with PacMan ghosts on it, as well as a Super Mario "Power Up" shirt (with a Nintendo Official Seal, so you know it's for reals). I got ANOTHER button-down as well as a pair of... Dockers. I know, right? But I also got a DVD/VHS combo player, figuring the TV and video game consoles will be in the bedroom and the computers in the study, so now I can watch DVDs on something other than my computer. Then I went to Target and I walked straight into the Menswear (we really do, just like sailors) department; what the heck was up with me tonight? I realized I don't have any Irish shirts for probably the first time in my life, so I got a Guiness shirt with a big shamrock on it, as well as a video-game themed shirt. I got YET ANOTHER button-down and a pair of black jeans. Some of the clothes I got are really stylish; I don't think I'll be able to pull them off. But I should look funny enough trying to amuse folks in general. That's what I'm after, in the end. But after all that clothes purchasing, I remembered to get a few things for around the house like a trash can and a laundry hamper. Hopefully, I'll finish at the DMV early enough to run to Staples and check out some more cheap furniture. Does Home Depot also have furniture, or just pieces of furniture? I remember a story my parents told me of the bookcase my father built for my mother when they were first married, and how it leaned sickeningly to the side... well, we're mechanics, not carpenters in this family. It's still fun to try.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Ithaca DMV to see what I need to do to carry my lease over to NY state and to make sure I have the necessary forms for everything else I need to do. Then I need to hit the Financial Aid office on campus because I'd sure like to get cleared for Work-Study before I go looking for a part-time job. My last class tomorrow gets out at 14:15, at which time I'm headed back to NJ for probably the penultimate time (the last time will be to clean the apartment for the next tenant so the management company doesn't charge me through the nose to have someone do it). Saturday night, I'll be hanging out in the city with David and possibly Bram, as well as miscellaneous MeFolks. Should be fun!

Tomorrow I plan to walk to class. Up the hill. Up all the hills, for that matter. Wish me luck!