July 25th, 2005

A Solitary Mine

Never Hold Back.

Today, my girlfriend starts her new job, and I give my notice at mine.

Never look back, never hold back. And so, life moves forward.
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Relaxing... a little

"I wanna be a jazz guy. I play black music for white people."

An I/O Error is what I get when my bookie calls me.

So okay, the onerous taskof calling a bazillion landlords is over; at least initially. After that first call, things are usually not so bad. The endless phone tag is just annoying, not scary. I probably called almost 20 numbers; got a few no longer availables, lett a dozen messages, and have a handful that sound really promising.

Also, I gave my notice at work today. It went awesome, because I write an amazing letter. "It iis my great pleasure to announce my resignation from BankCo to return to Cornell full-time. Under any other circumstances, my departure would fill me with sadness. I thank you for the years of leadership and guidance..." blah blah. I kept it short and sweet and made it so everyone feels good. My job was never really that bad, and I made craploads of money doing something I am terrible at, namely sales. But it's OVER. At least, on August 5th, it will be.

My motorcycle still won't start, and I'm $200 poorer for it. Now I have to take it back to the shop, let them replace something else on it, and maybe just maybe it will be ready for me when I need to ride to Cornell in two days. Otherwise I put 500 miles on my truck (which means I can't drive it for another half a month). And I was doing so good at not overrunning my mileage on my lease. Since I got back from Florida in May, I've put less than 900 miles on it. I still have to budget two moving trips to Cornell (once with the GoldWing and some of my stuff, second with a trailer full of stuff). And I still need to eBay the motorcycle parts currently filling up my truck bed. I think I will make judicious use of the "Buy It Now" feature in order to "Get the fuck rid of this crap". Kermix0r said he'd look at my pictures and help me set up an eBay page layour since I am a FIRST TIME MOTIVATED SELL0R L@@K!

Shit is moving forward. Once I sign that lease, I can do like 80 billion other things. First is getting my car insurance down into the low 3 figures per month.

"I wanna learn all the chords and solo til everyone in the rooooooom... is bored."
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