July 14th, 2005

A Solitary Mine

"...A number of things remaining on your to-do list... Prioritize appropriately."

My grandma passed away earlier today. I've buried an uncle, a father, and a grandmother at this current job. It's definitely time for a return to school, and onwards with my life.

Conversation with my mother earlier:
Me: I'm just trying to figure out if I should tell them I'm not coming in tomorrow.
Her: No. No, go in! We're not doing anything till Sunday.
Me: thinks, ok, well, Sunday is my one day off a week, so I will need a day off to make up for losing that day. Well, I think I may take off anyway.

I have errands to do, and I don't think I even have a clean suit.

So yeah, I think I will call out today and tomorrow, but not out of grief. Is that weird? But I hope to use the time. My grandmother once said to a friend of hers (a customer of mine) that she hoped to make it to see me get my degree (she may have slipped a "damn" in there somewhere). The nicest thing she ever said about me and she didn't even say it to my face. It's time to start making people proud again before they're all dead, eh?

Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'm chuckling, if a bit grimly. I think I will check out apartment prices in Ithaca online briefly before calling in to the Ithaca Rentals, just to get another look at the prices. Time to get moving. Time to evaluate my priorities. Time to wake up.
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