April 14th, 2005

I Want More LIFE!

Taxes day is a very dangerous day

Taxes done! I went to sleep around 21:30 last night (YE-ESS! before 10 PM! hooray!) Got fairly good sleep; didn't wake up too often, slept until my CD player woke up and started blasting Madonna @ 6. Had some dreams where I dreamt I was in a video game, then the video game morphed into a comic where I was a regular guy using my clever to battle supervillains, then I was somehow hanging out with my dad when I realized I was dreaming. A few clues in the dream led me to believe he had left a secret behind, so as we entered a crowded hallway leading into a mall, I yelled to him: "Where's your diary?" He answered, "With my comic books," before the crowd swept him away. I forced myself awake, then cursed myself for not thinking in the dream that my dad didn't have any comic books and that my early dream had comic books on the brain. So I went to check my comic books but I couldn't open my eyes. Or they were open, but I couldn't see. So I got some drops in them and then I could see but the phone was ringing. I answered it and no one was there / it was a bad connection. Finally, I got through to the person and it was a girl from my class tonight, Ines (the one who gave her oral report on Madonna—yes it ties in to my alarm being about to go off), telling me that she might could help me as she had a friend who couldn't keep a roommate for very long, either. But I couldn't talk to her (or decypher what she'd said to me; did she mean I didn't get along with people? or that I had a hard time working to maintain friendships?) as my other phone was ringing, or another instance of the same phone was ringing (like call waiting but with 2 identical phones) and I went to answer that when I realized I was still dreaming (if you hadn't guessed) and got pissed and woke up just as my CD player was warming up.
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I just asked for 2 more days off the first week of May. This is because if I rock my next exam, I will not have to take the final. So I will be returning that Thursday instead of that Tuesday. I'll post my plans later.