April 1st, 2005

I Want More LIFE!


TOP SECRETNESS goes online tonight, Jah willing. Continue to watch this space, while dressing, while driving, while working! DO NOT BREAK EYE CONTACT WITH THE WEBPAGE FOR THAT IS WHEN IT WILL STRIKE!

Unfortunately, all my creative energy has been sapped for this, so don't look for any April Fool's jokes from me.

In other news, I e-mailed the Dean again re: my readmission; still no response. I am looking into how early I can return (and being proactive, yay!). If I can go back for summer session (starting June 1) I can take 6 credits, including one class with my advisor (haven't taken one with him yet), and I will be done with classes July 15th. Can anyone say ROAD TRIP? Seriously, 1 month off before classes start could be just the break I have been waiting all my life for to take my X-Country road trip. Plus, it lets me finish Cornell in one 17 credit (ugh) semester. I have As, and I'm making real progress (as opposed to aping it or jumping through hoops). Still, I need to look into transfers because nothing in life is a guarantee.
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A Solitary Mine


For those of you who suspected some April Fool's joke, the only joke is the one on you for doubting my awesomeness. Believe the hype.

Just under the wire, I would like to unveil the secret project sobriquet and I have been at work on.

The Shiny Red Ball Corp, Rubbertree Div. Presents

A Fourth Wall Entertainment Production

Roman à Clef, Episode 1

8 years in the making, Roman à Clef is the newest on-line monthly serial fiction. Set moments in the near future, 8 people with unique talents form a loose alliance for one purpose: Control. Each is driven by their unique circumstance and they are united by two things: their superhumanity and their humanity. They fight each other, and some of the most unconventional villains ever seen. Hear what the critics are saying:

"Whoa." —Keanu Reeves, star of Teh Matricks

"Damn, that's smooth." —MC Hawking

"...A bit of a mindF*¢#!" —thousands of Rocky Horror fans

Yes, that's right. Monthly. Serial. The surprise is not the story (some of you have seen earlier versions before), but that Chris and I will be working to make this a sustained and successful venture. Do not stare directly into the awesomeness. We are living the dream, success or failure, live or die, for the love of our craft. We are the musicmakers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.

roman_a_clef. You may add it to your friends page here. Membership is not currently open, though I plan to move the story off of livejournal at some point (if it's popular enough) and turn the comm into a discussion forum, at which time it will open up. Please be content with adding it to your friends page. Comments are open; I'm interested to see your reactions.

Please, spread the word. I'm not looking to get rich, but I'd like to see this venture be successful. I'd like to see people reading what I write, enjoying it, and getting excited by it.

Thank you for your continued readership.
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