March 14th, 2005

A Solitary Mine

Duty Now, For the Future

I had a dream last night that I was going back to "school". This was a combination of Cornell and AAST (my HS). Because obviously I graduated high school; just not college. I had to get a number of things done, one of which was a form to be signed by my advisor. The advisor was not my college advisor, not even the advisor I had during the majority of my HS experience. It was my freshman year high school advisor, Mr. Messano! Which is cool, because I hadn't thought of him in ages and he was a cool guy. We got a call part-way through shooting the breeze; I say we because it was his phone but it was for me. It was one of the school officials calling to tell me he had bad news. I thought it was about my return to school, but he just started sobbing over the phone. Not uncontrollably; it was something like three sobs and then silence. This was quite frustrating, because it was all he could do. I finally forced out of him that one of my family members was dead, and that it was a grandparent. But he couldn't tell me which. While I was still on the phone with this joker, my family showed up to pick me up and take me home for the funeral. They had in tow my grandma, which could only mean (well, I toyed with the idea she was undead/a ghost) that it was my grammy. "Oh, no." And there was still this otherworldly voice on the phone, this stranger sobbing without surcease. The fact that I'd never met this person made it all the eerier. And the act of writing that sentence made me wonder if this person I'd never met who was racked with guilt at the death of my grandmother, this detached and otherworldly voice; well, I wonder if it wasn't Grandpa T., Mr. Dead-@-44, filled with remorse for all the wrong he'd done her and my father. Probably not, but it would make for a sterling literary device. *hint hint*

So I just sent her an e-mail. I even dreamed sending her the e-mail to check. So I am betting (safely) that this is not a prophetic dream but rather a: "Hey, be a dutiful first grandson and check in on Grammy!" But it's still not going to stop my push for Cornell. Life (and dreams) are teaching me that things happen and life goes on. Balancing all of these things is what makes you in to a happy, healthy, successful "adult". *shudder*
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Umm... okay


It may be top secret, but it's coming. April 1st.

Your response here has been phenomenal. If you answered the question but didn't leave a comment, please take the time to leave a comment. I will make it clear later this week (once a few more votes are in and exams have passed) what the reasoning behind the poll is. It's important to get as much data as possible.

As far as the *hint hint* here goes, I've always thought the idea of phone calls from the dead as interesting. Many of you remember the video game "Earthbound" (in Japanese, "Mother"). The boy character in it converses with his father entirely through the telephone. Most of the heroes in video games have no fathers or their fathers are dead. If they speak to their fathers, it is in the form of a ghost. Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that perhaps Ness' father was dead, and was calling him from beyond the grave. Wasn't he always talking about how much he was off "adventuring"? Adventuring in the land of the dead, perhaps. When my own father died, the thing I've wanted most often is to check in with him, whether for advice, comfort, or comparison with himself at my age. And, of course, there's the Weird Al song "Midnight Star" with the line "And top psychics all agree / that the telephone company / will have a brand new service / that lets you talk to the dead." While I'm attributing to everyone and their mothers (including YOUR MOM). Could be interesting; we'll wait and see. Well, I'll see. You'll just have to wait.
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