February 23rd, 2005

I'm working on it

Two ideas.

One: A man who is in love with two women (who love him as well) clones himself so he can be with both of them. Trouble starts when he starts running behind his own back (or the clone does, or more likely both) and then tries to catch himself (not realizing it's his clone at first) only putting two and two together when his sweetie says something like: "Thank you for surprising me at work for lunch!" etc.

Two: Driving along a street where all the names seem vaguely familiar. Perhaps for my lucid novel. Imagine driving down a street where all the side streets are something like [Your Mother's Name] St., [Your Grandmother's Name] Rd., [Your first girlfriend/boyfriend] Ave. If it happened to me, I might wonder if I were dead and this was my body's way of flashing my life before me.
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