November 28th, 2004

Warm fuzzies


I am eating Tim Hortons's'ss''''!!! It is OUR PRECIOUSSS. But I did buy a dozen to take with me to work tomorrow and share the wealth, eh?

And I am listening to Critters Buggin whilst reading Siddhartha. Trippy.

Liff is goot.

On a serious note, I plan to hit the bed early tonight and work some more on my letters for Cornell early in the AM tomorrow. I am nervous, but I must do. I saw Finding Neverland this weekend and it made me cry. Serious all-out bawling. I hope never again to after a movie ask someone "So what'd you think?" unless I also ask them "So what'd you feel?"

Stop disconnecting.

Like Peter, I'm trying, Daddy. Have patience and keep your faith in me.
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