November 3rd, 2004

Real Cool Hand


What disappoints me about this election is not the result, or the returns, but the reflection. The vote was cast, and a choice was made. What bothers me is the nature of elitism which I perceive in my peers. There is a sentiment that the election was "lost", and not for reasons of policy or ideology, but for reasons of ignorance. There seems to be this idea that those who voted did not know what they were voting for; if only they knew what Bush & Co had done, if only they had just opened their eyes. But people know what they know, and they voted in large numbers based upon this knowledge. Who are you to say that their knowledge is somehow incomplete, or incorrect?

Those of you who talk of running; to where? Where are you needed? Where are you wanted, and welcomed? How are you helping by running away? How was this country founded? By running from things? How is behaving like a sheep going to change the behavior of the rest of the flock? America is being smothered by a security blanket of numbing, unchanging conformity. Our nation, when forged, was composed of sharp edges. As with mountains over time, the edges have been worn smooth. It is time for sharp edges and change. Now is always time for change. It is always now.

What have you done to change the face of the nation? For the face of the nation is what this election reflects. If you feel that there are uneducated in North Dakota, Mississippi or Alaska, why don't you move there and become a history teacher, or political science professor? It's simple. Because no matter what you've been telling yourselves for the past 6 months, no matter what you'll tell yourself for the next two months, despite your grumbles over the rest of the century, politics is not that important. What matters most is before your nose. It lies in your own garden. How can you complain that no one else is working hard to produce enough for the harvest when your own field is choked with weeds?
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