October 15th, 2004

The Wreck of You

What a shame, what a waste, they'll say

Today was negated at every turn. Nothing I did today was to any net gain. I drove out in search of chili dogs, which I found, and they were ok, but not really good for me or my diet. I made up for it by not eating anything else. Then I stopped by work to pick up my salad from yesterday which I'd forgotten. It was supposed to be dinner last night. Then it was supposed to be dinner tonight. It ended up leaking dressing on the passenger seat of my new truck, leaving a greasy spot on it. Yuck. I was so pissed that I tossed it, and I hate to waste food. Then I went to Hoboken (oh, how I hate thee), and drove my big truck on narrow streets with no parking to find a joke shop that didn't exist. So I still don't have my Steve Martin arrow-through-the-head for Halloween, and if I don't get it, there's no point in my hair being this ridiculously long. I could have cut it if I hadn't wasted the whole day.

And to top it all off, the rain has kept me off my bike since Saturday morning, except for Wednesday, when I rode it to and from work. Big whoop.

I'm burning. In the rain.
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