July 6th, 2004

I Want More LIFE!

Things to get

I know you are probably expecting some update on my father's affairs, but I don't really want to deal with the estate until after I get back from Aruba in a few weeks. I may update or I may not. I am planning to concentrate more on Roman à Clef (no links; if you're familiar with the story, you'll know where to find it) as I may finally be ready to revise it and add new content. Understand I have never actually revised anything I've written before; I barely ever write second drafts (a draft I consider to be an edit; revision is literally to "see again" and write the story from the ground up but with the same plot).

I got a gift certificate prize for all my hard work at my job, and so I am going to spend it. I can actually choose from a few different places and get gift certificates for each totalling up to $n.

Just to clear out the open tabs in Mojira:
  • I saw this in a Pilot gas station/rest stop in Carlisle, PA. Intellivision, baby. My dad never let me play Vectron, and I never got over that. If I get this thing, I can do JUST THAT. There was no price on it in Carlisle, or I probably would have bought it right there and then. Since I cancelled my cable last week, I have no use for my TV (though I got my dad's VCR, so I can finally watch tapes, which means I should finally get around to renting Boomerang, which I can't seem to find on DVD).
  • Scroll down to the Jackknife pick. According to this and the research my darling legal aide is doing, possession of a lockpicking tool is usually not illegal unless you have intent to violate some other law with it. Now how demonstrable intent is is anyone's guess. Being "black" might be intent. YMMV. This has nothing to do with the gift certificates. I just thought it was cool.
  • I am thinking of getting a photo-printer. I have been checking out the HP DeskJet 5150, but that was when I was paying out of pocket. I might move up to something better at photo-printing. I want something that will print documents quickly and cheaply (on regular paper, B&W mostly but occasionally color directions) but is capable of churning out decent quality photos. I have not had good luck tracking down feedback on printers so any help you can give me will be appreciated.
  • Garmin's eTrex Legend, just because. The maps for it are expensive, though.
  • I'd thought about getting a decent set of tools. Or a vacuum cleaner.
  • There are some outdoors-type places on their list of vendors, so I might be able to swing something there.
  • I'll probably take the balance in books.

    My father's ashes are sitting on my dinner table (which I have only used maybe twice to eat off of) and I had a huge blowup fight with my bosses today (it was like teenager vs. mom & dad, only I was the composed one) after which all my collegues told me that I said everything they wanted to say (thanks for speaking up at the time when I actually needed the support, guys), so you can see why I'd want to be distracted by glittering prizes (vs. endless compromises).

    If I could put up a blacklist on my snail mail, I would bounce all messages from Delaware.
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