June 20th, 2004

The Wreck of You

Heard on Horsepower TV (http://www.horsepowertv.com/):

"There's no replacement for displacement."

Maybe I should just pack in and work on cars for a living. I think Speed TV/Spike TV's Powerblock will be what I miss most when I finally get the chutzpah to cancel my cable tv.

The more reading I do, the more convinced I am that the LeSabre is one of the best vehicles on the road. And I still can't understand why someone would drive an SUV, unless they are doing the stuff shown in the Touareg commercials (notice they never show Hummers doing anything but totalling spacecraft in their commercials. Unless you are also in a hummer or in something with MACK on the front, your car and probably all its occupants will be decapitated). For my money, I think I will get one of the redesigned F-150s when the time comes.The mileage isn't great, but I could probably get a decent motorcycle for the money I'd save over buying a new Buick and as long as it's not a chopper, I should have ample room to mount it in the bed. Speaking of which, I haven't got my motorcycle license yet...

Oh and "carb" is short for carburetor. Yuppie scum.
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