January 22nd, 2004


YOU NOW PROSSESS DRACULA'S CRIB (http://www.mtv.com/onair/cribs/)

My mother and I just agreed on a political opinion! I told her I thought I might be a libertarian (coming out of the closet) and started off with the stupidity of seatbelt laws. She agreed, and so I informed her that I thought the essence of government was to protect us from each other and foreign enemies and she agreed again! Emphatically, even.

This has not happened since she raised me Democrat and then hit menopause and (just like that) became republican. And I dropped political affiliations entirely and became an anarchist (albeit a peaceful anarchist... our symbol is a peace sign combined with the anarchy symbol. The end result looks sort of like the Starfleet insignia inside crosshairs).

I blame my current political mood on: Current Affairs, The Book I'm Reading, and JanJan (one of her pertinent entries is friendslocked).
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