January 2nd, 2004



Something weird has been going on around me lately. I am having trouble with electronic devices and charge. Two months ago, I was having problems where my (then new) Sennheiser cordless headphones wouldn't hold a charge. Wednesday night, I'd charged my phone fully the night previous, and that same night, I felt it white hot through my pants. When I grabbed it, it said Low Battery like I'd had it on for a week. I figured it was a short. I also didn't mind when my camera said it also had very little battery left (I don't wear it, so it's not as subject to my Mutant E-M field). I thought I charged the camera last week, but I may have forgotten after Christmas (not that I took that many pictures then, either). Then, today, I discovered my Palm on in my pocket, with little battery life. Soon after, it died. Now the camera I can discount, and the headphones were some time ago. But to have TWO devices I wear on my person run out of charge in mere hours? Maybe I'm turning into Gambit, where I absorb ambient energy and then can shoot it out (he does it with playing cards) to blow things up. I tried to make things explode on my way home at lunch, but it only worked once.

My phone seems to have stabilized for now, though at lunch, while I was checking my voice mail (I have to save the story of Peter and Betty for another entry, but no, there is no Peter here, so stop calling, puta loca) the keypad stopped responding then the screen went black (not dead, but on and black) then seemed to reset itself and told me I had no signal till it stabilized. So that's okay for now; I'm more worried about my Palm. I set it on thirty second delay to sleep, the most narcoleptic setting on it. Assuming I don't touch it, it should fall asleep in thirty seconds, and stay that way. I am watching it here as I type, falling asleep every thirty seconds and then jerk awake a second later, like Dave Calarusso used to in physics lecture. It won't stay asleep (and therefore hold a charge), just like David couldn't, and I can't stop watching just like I couldn't in class. Now I have to call tech support and they will likely shrug and tell me to send it in and they'll fix it, but I'll be without my appointments and contacts and stuff until it's repaired. <yuppie>I so don't need this right now!</yuppie>

Add. I called Palm Support and got a busy signal. This is ass. 2004 is ass.
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