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YOU MUST DIE! I ALONE AM drebb (part IV: the Undrebbscovered Country)

[10:02:11] LessThandrebb is now known as RockYouLikeadrebbican
[10:02:12] RockYouLikeadrebbican is now known as RockYouLikeadrebbicane
[10:02:15] drebbeyRoad is now known as Blackdrebbath
[10:02:16] <RockYouLikeadrebbicane> Here I am!
[10:02:17] * RockYouLikeadrebbicane
[10:02:24] <RockYouLikeadrebbicane> I did that one!
[10:02:25] <RockYouLikeadrebbicane> :P
[10:02:36] <RockYouLikeadrebbicane> Hee hee
[10:02:38] Blackdrebbath is now known as kermix
[10:02:41] * kermix LOSER
[10:02:43] <kermix> hahah
[10:02:45] <kermix> gg
[10:02:46] RockYouLikeadrebbicane is now known as drebbemy
[10:02:53] * drebbemy spoke in class today!
[10:02:58] <kermix> HAHAHAHA
[10:03:02] <kermix> yay
[10:03:09] drebbemy is now known as BabydrebbephantWalk
[10:03:12] kermix is now known as Thedrebbtations
[10:03:12] <BabydrebbephantWalk> =D
[10:03:29] <Thedrebbtations> Is it just my imagination o/`
[10:03:53] Thedrebbtations is now known as drebbMarley
[10:04:01] BabydrebbephantWalk is now known as drebbinOut
[10:04:05] <drebbinOut> me babe
[10:04:06] * drebbinOut
[10:04:15] <drebbinOut> into the light, into the night
[10:04:25] <drebbMarley> you're drebbin out?
[10:04:28] <drebbMarley> you want the world to know?
[10:04:31] <drebbMarley> you got to let it show?
[10:04:33] <drebbMarley> hehe
[10:04:47] drebbinOut is now known as BachmanTurnerOverdrebb
[10:04:50] <BachmanTurnerOverdrebb> =D
[10:04:53] <drebbMarley> hhahahahah
[10:04:57] <drebbMarley> wau
[10:04:59] <BachmanTurnerOverdrebb> You ain't seen nothin yet
[10:05:15] <drebbMarley> omfg
[10:05:20] <drebbMarley> you'll love and hate this one
[10:05:30] <drebbMarley> partially because you didn't think of it first
[10:05:35] drebbMarley is now known as drebbieGibson
[10:05:40] <BachmanTurnerOverdrebb> HA
[10:06:00] BachmanTurnerOverdrebb is now known as drebbitalUnderground
[10:06:00] <drebbieGibson> that one caught me so hard
[10:06:05] <drebbieGibson> I went into a coughing fit
[10:06:07] <drebbieGibson> HA HA HA HA
[10:06:07] drebbitalUnderground is now known as LaIsladrebbita
[10:06:13] <drebbieGibson> AHHDGKL
[10:06:17] <drebbieGibson> GCCH
[10:06:19] <drebbieGibson> *cough*
[10:06:35] <LaIsladrebbita> I am smiling so much my face hurts and is cramping
[10:06:57] drebbieGibson is now known as drebbyattaMondatta
[10:07:14] LaIsladrebbita is now known as drebbatadeBlan
[10:07:16] drebbatadeBlan is now known as drebbatadeBlanc
[10:07:48] <drebbatadeBlanc> oooh, pantera
[10:07:52] drebbatadeBlanc is now known as drebbetaryGates
[10:08:01] <drebbyattaMondatta> ooooooooOOHHHH :D
[10:08:09] <drebbetaryGates> InXS
[10:08:16] drebbetaryGates is now known as drebberTearUsApart
[10:08:35] <drebberTearUsApart> Hmm
[10:08:42] <drebberTearUsApart> I think the Cure's drebbsong is reaching.
[10:08:59] <drebberTearUsApart> But it beats Just Like drebben
[10:09:07] <drebbyattaMondatta> awwwww :)
[10:09:23] <drebbyattaMondatta> When I was drebbenteen
[10:09:26] <drebbyattaMondatta> it was a drebby good year
[10:09:30] <drebberTearUsApart> HA!
[10:10:26] <drebberTearUsApart> drebb Zeppelin again
[10:10:32] <drebberTearUsApart> The battle of drebbermore
[10:10:38] <drebbyattaMondatta> hahahahah
[10:10:52] <drebbyattaMondatta> Fordrebber Young?
[10:11:04] <drebberTearUsApart> Christmas with the drebbil?
[10:11:15] <drebbyattaMondatta> or RUNNIN with the drebbil!
[10:11:19] <drebbyattaMondatta> or HIGHBALL with the drebbil!
[10:11:20] <drebberTearUsApart> =D
[10:11:24] <drebbyattaMondatta> etc etc ad infinitum.
[10:11:31] <drebbyattaMondatta> MOVING ON
[10:11:35] <drebbyattaMondatta> hehe
[10:11:38] <drebbyattaMondatta> NEXT ISSUE
[10:11:49] <drebberTearUsApart> drebbis Leary
[10:11:54] <drebbyattaMondatta> hahahah
[10:12:01] <drebbyattaMondatta> STOP drebbIN MY
[10:12:02] <drebbyattaMondatta> STOP drebbIN MY
[10:12:04] <drebbyattaMondatta> STOP drebbIN MY
[10:12:05] <drebbyattaMondatta> HEART AROUND
[10:12:08] drebberTearUsApart is now known as drebbKennedys
[10:12:14] <drebbyattaMondatta> yeeaaah
[10:12:15] <drebbKennedys> I WIN
[10:12:16] <drebbyattaMondatta> now we're talkin
[10:12:18] <drebbKennedys> =D
[10:12:36] <drebbKennedys> drebben to Tears!
[10:12:42] <drebbyattaMondatta> ooooooh
[10:12:49] <drebbyattaMondatta> another nice Police reference
[10:12:51] <drebbyattaMondatta> bonus
[10:13:00] <drebbKennedys> :)
[10:13:15] <drebbKennedys> drebbeed
[10:13:23] <drebbKennedys> Climbing down the hours
[10:13:28] <drebbyattaMondatta> come come drebbeed?
[10:13:29] <drebbKennedys> And I need to drebb now
[10:13:32] <drebbKennedys> Yep
[10:13:38] <drebbyattaMondatta> tough te read it that way
[10:13:42] <drebbKennedys> If I may digress
[10:13:43] <drebbyattaMondatta> but I "got it"
[10:13:51] <drebbKennedys> This songs was EXCELLENT live
[10:14:13] <drebbKennedys> I almost killed 6 people because I had a three foot vertical
[10:14:25] <drebbyattaMondatta> hahah shit
[10:14:33] <drebbKennedys> Judas Priest
[10:14:40] drebbKennedys is now known as EdrebbtricEye
[10:14:41] <drebbyattaMondatta> lemme guess
[10:14:47] <drebbyattaMondatta> oh hey
[10:14:54] <EdrebbtricEye> ?
[10:14:58] <drebbyattaMondatta> it wasn't the one song EVARYBODY KNOWS
[10:15:02] <drebbyattaMondatta> drebbin the Law
[10:15:10] <EdrebbtricEye> That would be GHEY
[10:15:14] <drebbyattaMondatta> yeah
[10:15:27] <EdrebbtricEye> I wouldn't even do before the dawn
[10:15:27] <drebbyattaMondatta> notice I didn't say it before you said yours
[10:15:34] <EdrebbtricEye> Yep
[10:15:56] <drebbyattaMondatta> I knew it wasn't trump so I didn't lead with it :)
[10:15:56] <EdrebbtricEye> Mellencamp
[10:16:00] <EdrebbtricEye> drebb it out
[10:16:13] <EdrebbtricEye> Good strat ;)
[10:16:21] <EdrebbtricEye> Ooh
[10:16:25] <EdrebbtricEye> Missed another AiC
[10:16:26] <drebbyattaMondatta> two 'mer'kin kids growin' up in the drebb-land
[10:16:28] <EdrebbtricEye> OOOOOOH
[10:16:30] <EdrebbtricEye> YOU
[10:16:32] <EdrebbtricEye> COULDN'T
[10:16:35] <drebbyattaMondatta> heh
[10:16:37] EdrebbtricEye is now known as drebbThatRiver
[10:16:42] <drebbyattaMondatta> I said 'mer'kin
[10:16:54] <drebbThatRiver> Ha ha ha
[10:17:22] <drebbThatRiver> William Shatner? Lucy in the Sky with drebbonds?
[10:17:24] <drebbThatRiver> WHA?
[10:17:33] <drebbThatRiver> HA hA
[10:17:35] <drebbThatRiver> Weird Al
[10:17:37] <drebbyattaMondatta> hm :0
[10:17:40] <drebbThatRiver> drebb Eat drebb
[10:17:52] <drebbThatRiver> Oh
[10:17:57] <drebbThatRiver> drebbComesRipping
[10:18:00] <drebbThatRiver> more misfits
[10:19:12] drebbyattaMondatta is now known as drebbPurple
[10:19:19] <drebbThatRiver> ;)
[10:19:43] <drebbPurple> Better Off drebb
[10:20:15] <drebbThatRiver> drebb for Fire
[10:20:27] <drebbThatRiver> Ha ha ha
[10:20:31] <drebbThatRiver> Sugar Hill Gang
[10:20:32] <drebbPurple> hee
[10:20:34] <drebbThatRiver> drebbPACHE
[10:20:37] <drebbThatRiver> jump on it
[10:20:40] <drebbThatRiver> jump on it
[10:20:45] <drebbThatRiver> HI HO SILVAR
[10:21:21] <drebbThatRiver> DAylight come
[10:21:27] <drebbThatRiver> And me wan go home
[10:21:31] <drebbPurple> haahahahahahahahahah
[10:21:38] <drebbPurple> the drebbana boat song!
[10:21:40] <drebbThatRiver> Oh shit
[10:21:46] drebbThatRiver is now known as BettedrebbisEyes
[10:21:52] <drebbPurple> YEAAAH
[10:22:42] <BettedrebbisEyes> drebb Eddy - drebble Rouser!
[10:23:25] <drebbPurple> drebby Grant - drebblectric Avenue!
[10:23:28] <BettedrebbisEyes> Corey Hart - drebber SURRENDER
[10:24:01] BettedrebbisEyes is now known as HereComestheHotdrebber
[10:24:23] <drebbPurple> Yellow drebbletter!
[10:24:41] <HereComestheHotdrebber> drebbzig
[10:24:53] <HereComestheHotdrebber> I like drebbletter
[10:30:17] <drebbPurple> Stevie Ray Vaughan and drebble Trouble
[10:31:53] HereComestheHotdrebber is now known as OrchestralManoeuversinthedrebb
[10:32:13] drebbPurple is now known as AndrewLloyddrebber
[10:36:33] OrchestralManoeuversinthedrebb is now known as drebbdrebbWine
[10:36:51] <drebbdrebbWine> Longdrebbstance runaround
[10:37:01] <AndrewLloyddrebber> hahahaha
[10:37:49] <AndrewLloyddrebber> variations: she's going the drebbstance
[10:38:00] <AndrewLloyddrebber> uNF
[10:40:10] <drebbdrebbWine> drebbitate
[10:41:49] <AndrewLloyddrebber> oh we forgot a drebbil tune
[10:41:52] drebbdrebbWine is now known as PolydrebbsterBride
[10:41:57] <AndrewLloyddrebber> the drebbil Went Down to Georgia
[10:42:04] <PolydrebbsterBride> Sympathy for the drebbil
[10:42:04] <AndrewLloyddrebber> hahahah that's a good one too
[10:43:08] <PolydrebbsterBride> drebbyrd Skynrd
[10:43:31] <AndrewLloyddrebber> drebbaco Road
[10:44:25] <PolydrebbsterBride> Terrence Trent drebby
[10:44:30] <PolydrebbsterBride> =D
[10:44:32] <AndrewLloyddrebber> hah
[10:44:36] <PolydrebbsterBride> Getting drowzy
[10:44:37] <PolydrebbsterBride> heh
[10:44:48] <AndrewLloyddrebber> same
[10:44:54] <PolydrebbsterBride> Black Flag
[10:45:00] <AndrewLloyddrebber> I was gettin ready for a final celebratory schmooke
[10:45:01] <PolydrebbsterBride> Drink, drebb, Kill
[10:45:06] <AndrewLloyddrebber> hah
[10:45:27] <AndrewLloyddrebber> variation: Henry Rollins - drebb-By Shooting
[10:48:33] <PolydrebbsterBride> Ha ha ha
[10:48:38] <PolydrebbsterBride> OLP again
[10:48:42] <PolydrebbsterBride> In drebbpair
[10:48:53] <AndrewLloyddrebber> hahah
[10:50:06] <PolydrebbsterBride> And to end the night...
[10:50:14] <PolydrebbsterBride> Toad the drebb Sprocket
[10:50:22] <AndrewLloyddrebber> hah
[10:50:31] <AndrewLloyddrebber> not a bad ending
[10:50:33] <AndrewLloyddrebber> I suppose
[10:50:34] <AndrewLloyddrebber> ;)
[10:50:41] <PolydrebbsterBride> (Leaving) Reason:(Another day of putting things aside)
[10:50:41] PolydrebbsterBride is now known as eideteker|Away
[10:50:46] <Dark|Away> It's the best I can do
[10:50:47] <Dark|Away> ack
[10:50:52] <Dark|Away> strenght ebbing
[10:50:56] <Dark|Away> wahh
[10:51:01] <Dark|Away> ;later
[10:51:06] <AndrewLloyddrebber> drebbing
[10:51:09] <AndrewLloyddrebber> har har
[10:51:21] <AndrewLloyddrebber> catch you on the flip, you hard-working man you
[10:51:25] AndrewLloyddrebber is now known as kermix
Session Close: Thu Aug 09 10:54:28 2001

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