December 7th, 2003

I Want More LIFE!

I'm not scared. I felt like this on my way home.

I: Only three hours in the making
Kermix: Pretty pictures
I: Yep
I: My aunt is going to die on her dial-up

I: "I couldn't quite head home; it was like a thing I had left to do."
I: That is my homage to the sketch where Steven King loses his writing ability
I: "The brick flew through the window like... a baked mass of red clay... hurled through... crystallized silicates..."
I: In fact, I may turn that into a novel
I: "The Thing He Had to Do"

I need a MetaMan icon.
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Jigen Daisuke

It Makes No Sense at All

Man, now that I have seen Vertigo, I cannot stop listening to this song. It's just so awesome, and so was the movie. Indeed, I couldn't really stop listening to the song before I saw the movie, which is why I secretly jumped it up to #3 on the family Netflix queue last week. It's rare a song adheres so well to a plot without giving it away.

Director's cuts, on a related subject, are one of the things that make life worth it. Director's commentaries, however, can be really painful. I can't imagine Hitch doing a commentary track, and the dudes doing the audio commentary for Vertigo made it all the worse by having random really interesting facts buried in two hours of unending drivel. Having the Associate Producer to lend cred would have been a good idea... if he'd had half an idea where he was half the time. I got dizzy just listening to them. But listening to the stereo soundtrack on my Sennheiser headphones was engulfing.

I kind of want to learn to read French so I can read the novel. I've also wanted to read Les Miserables in the original.

The movie has the kind of gravity (or rather, gravitas. tells me there is actually a difference!) that I wish my every day life did. Usually, when I fall into this thought-trap, I remind myself that for my life to be as in the movies I would have to suffer the terrible losses of the characters therein. So, instead I relish in the vibrant reality of my actual life. After all, my bike trip last week was pretty damn visceral, and the colors were better than any DVD restoration.
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