November 18th, 2003

Hello Time Bomb!

In which I spend crazy money

Like a good little boy, today I set up a budget for myself. I drew a big bag of money with a $ on it and circled it, to represent my insane paycheck due the end of this month. Then I sliced it in quarters and took 1/4th for the gubmint. Then I drew an arrow with a "$1,000" and pointed that to my brokerage/savings accounts. Then I took what was left and started subtracting all my bills: student loans, then rent, then phone, then credit cards, then my ill copy of Mario Kart Double Dash, then car insurance (this month's hasn't even come out, and I have at least one more paycheck before it comes out, but just to be sure). And, though I was extremely conservative in my estimates, I found myself out of the black and into the blue(?).

So thanks to the folks at Shopper's Advantage, of whom I am a member through work, I was able to order the Palm Tungsten T3 for $350 + $10 shipping (I have rounded all .99s to ONE BUCK. Deal.), and that includes extending my warranty out so that it is a full 2 years. Not bad. With luck, I'll have it next week. If I had bought the unit in person, it would have been $400 + 6% sales tax = a sore arse. However, Palm I see is offering a $30 rebate. So if I had bought it through them, it would have been $370 (free shipping); standard warranty, natch'. So I still saved like $10 ($15 if you count the $4.95 for Palm to extend that warranty) over their price, and $65 over retail. Wow, that's nice. Especially since I am expected to sell this same package to my customers. Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't check like pricewatch/-grabber, but I looked at's (usually the best result on either) terms & conditions and didn't really like them. Exchange only for same item, no warranty protection, no guarantees, basically. NewEgg has always been good to me (they are where I got my very excellent Cock) but I wanted a little extra protection, especially considering I am spending about 4x as much. Plus, it is research for work. I have called these guys several times before to check their prices (especially on the Coolpix! I <3 my Coolpix!) but never purchased anything through them. It's not like I don't get anywhere from six to nine bucks every time I sell one of these packaged accounts, so I just have to sell three or four more of them to make up the $20 I could have saved using NewEgg. I'm not a slick salesman... I like to sell things I know, trust, and use myself. Not everyone can tell if you use a product and know it in and out, but if it's a difference between making 6 out of 10 and 8 out of 10 sales, that's worth my $20.

I think way too much about this shit.

According to the Keirsey-Bates temperament sorter, I am "The Architect of Systems." It is now time to earn this title and figure out how to actually use the Palm so that I will be organized. If I just start jotting shit down it will become just another jumbled mess. I need to devise a cogent system for organizing ... my ... organizer....

Speaking of doing things in an orderly fashion, I need to e-mail someone at SanDisk and see if this mythical deadline is being pushed back (pushing back means it is later, right? Because I visualize something being pushed forward on a calendar as also being later... otherwise wouldn't you pull it (towards you)?) or is being honored. Because fall has only a month left! And Cranky McCrank wants his damned WiFi.

Speaking of which, that Apple store financing deal is looking pretty sweet about right now. With the WiFi card and Bluetooth compatability for my PDA, it comes to how much a month, Mr. Apple Store Man? This from the kid who has paid cash for everything he has so far (actually, the fool has charged it all to a card that puts money toward his next Buick, then pays that balance off monthly) and abhors financing. Is my technology addiction that strong?

Check Dis Shit Out, by Prof. Ssenhsiloof Abounds, ©2003 Shiny Red Ball Publishing
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