October 5th, 2003


Scratch words in the dirt

I: http://www.webster.com/cgi-bin/mwwod.pl
I: !
b4k4: !
b4k4: haha
b4k4: "the word of the day is questibro"
I: !@
I: oh man
I: Memories

In other words/news: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q= ...someone had to code it that when you type in nothing, it actually looks up "nothing", and to me that is beautiful. The simple things in life!

I had a dream last night of a knife thrower/trick shooter who lost what mattered most to him in life; in this case, his love. She did not fare well that night when she posed as target. The levels to which a man can sink... a cold, calculated fury nothing like the proverbial woman scorned. And the slow torture as he nicked her here, there, watching her eyes to see if and when they revealed her treachery. That look on her face is what he was going for, the moment when she knows he knows. And the audience knows nothing of this; wonders why this is happening and is it part of the act. But it is nae theirs to ken; it's a story between two with a third as a catalyst.

There is a new Semagic LJ client out. You can download your journal for offline viewing/editing/searching. Well, ballyhoo! Please, spread the word, as people have wanted this for some time.
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Warm fuzzies

Dear Livejournal,

I went out today and bought a bike and it was a Trek 4300 with disc brakes and I got a matching helmet and a python lock that cinches like a ziptie and I got a computer for it since it was only like $40 and all the stuff I bought with my bike was 10% off anyway. It is really cool and neetneat and the computer tells me I went FIFTEEN miles on it today and no wonder my butt hurts cause I probably need a gel seat or something equally expensive!!

I took my bike on its rack down to the park in town and I went zooming over the gravel and dirt and grass and the track there and scared some little kids and amazed some others and just generally stretched my legs and reminded myself how to ride. Then I took the bike out on the street and I roadrode down River Road all the way to Henry Hudson Drive or whatever it is called that goes along the river and under the bridge and down by where people dock their boats and I pedalled most of the way and only had to get off and walk the bike for about 20 feet at the top of this killer hill and then I did all the work. I went on a little narrow dirt and rock trail and was doing a leisurely 7.5 mph then I decided to kick it up a notch and started doing 11-12, bouncing along my merry way. So then I got to the end and I had to walk my bike WAY up the hill (around three (or four?) steep switchbacks where there are all sorts of waterfalls and stone walls that my grandfather helped build with the WPA (supposedly) in the Depression. Finally, I got to the top and I was in ENGLEWOOD at exit 1 of the PIP which stands for Palisade Interstate Parkway and is probably my favorite highway around here because it is sheer beauty (ask Becca if you do not believe me for some reason) and there are no trucks aloud allowed. But also there are no bikes so it was time to turn around and head home and you are like YAY! this is almost over but NO, next time I went under the bridge I decided to cross it NOT on foot for once (actually twice because I had to come back home, DUH) and went over to New York City and biked the 20 or so blocks up to my Grammy's place to surprise her because it is her 70th! birthday next week and that is like hella old. I think she was happy to see me happy and outdoors and spending money on myself rather than being poor and a schlep. But wow it was getting way dark so I decided to go home again after refilling my waterbottle (is that one word or two and if it is one word, does that make me a cool hip biker?) and putting some ice in it which when I finally got home was like way the heck melted. Then I biked home which was ok till I got to the bridge again and I was like dying getting across it because I have no endurance except in bed but I held on like eye of the tiger and stuff and made it across the bridge without having to stop like a wuss but this time I was not going 16 mph on nobby not road tires across it.

By the time I got back to my car I could barely stand, like forreal nojoke. So I loaded it up and tied it down and stuff and then drove home and wonder of wonders got a parking space. Then I took it upstairs and it is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME RIGHT NOW just being awesome and stuff. Then I went out to dinner and relaxed because I was way the hell hungry from not eating all day and I probably lost like Alison pounds but then put her back again cramming all that chicken-related food in me. I had chicken soup, chicken wings (not really spicy so I slathered them in tobasco) and then a bbq chicken warpwrap. Nothing but the chicken, hey parm! But I did not have chicken parm. Then I came back home and got pretty well nekkid and out of my filthy clothes and sat down to write this on the mirror with a clearer head and a heart full of lead...
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