September 26th, 2003

The Wreck of You

The break in the fall

Nope. Still toast. I guess yesterday was just a temporary reprieve, because it looks like it might well be that my video card is fried. I have to see if Dell will replace it, as I got this box just shy of a year ago. Otherwise, anyone got any recommendations on a good video card? Maybe with TV-in as well as out? My vid card has to have dual monitor support, as well, even if one's DVI and the other's VGA (I have an adapt0r).
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Good Grief!

chills and petty band-aids

The good: Dell made me take their damn 3 year service contract, so I am covered.

The bad: The contract is an on-site contract, so I have to have a technician come out.

The ugly: I can't meet the tech until I am off on Friday. One whole week!

I will not be online much; I don't want to kill my video card the rest of the way. But! you can text message me your phone number and I will gladly call you and chat away!
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    Foo Fighters - Good Grief