September 7th, 2003

Umm... okay

Dan complained

Dan said he really wanted to see some Renaissance Faire shots, probably to admire himself as a chick. So here goes:

Here is something about robots:
"A robot walks into a bar. The robot recoils, takes a moment to assess the situation, and finally goes, 'Mommy?'"

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Warm fuzzies

If this is a dream, then why am I screaming?

My car now has a bumper sticker made from contact paper on it that says: "My love for you is like a truck." The project was really moving along swimmingly until we played back the footage from the park this evening and found out it had no sound.

That's about it. I am almost finished with Cryptonomicon. Oh, and I can smell Alison from over here. She smells fragrant, like rotting garbage!
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