September 6th, 2003

I'm working on it


Who do you use to register your domain names? Are they ICANN accredited? I'm wary of discount registrars because I was raised to believe that if you paid less than $35 a year, you didn't actually own the domain and you could be held responsible for the content (ie, they could shut you down if they didn't like your site; though that would be more up to your host, they could stop referring traffic), or they could yank it out from under you and resell it to someone who paid the full price. This was, of course, back in the days where only Network Solutions and were considered 'legit' registrars by my peers.

I've already got one domain with, but I would of course move it if I thought I could save me some money without sacrificing my actual ownership. The Screen Savers recommend or
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The Dummy Red Herring Corporation (A Delaware Corp)

For those still tracking my progress, I have experienced some success with the very modest but simply elegant (and elegantly simple!) blosxom. You can see a sample here, and never fear, it spits out its own RSS feed, so those of you with the points to use can watch me still with lj syndication once I get set up for reals.

I wonder if I can do a find/replace in the cgi source to replace all instances of the linguistically and phonetically hideous "blog" with "journal". Perl-heads, please help!
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