August 27th, 2003

A Solitary Mine

In my dreams, I am anonymous.

In my dream, I was reading a book. The book was written over the course of several years, and was annotated accordingly. Finally, I got to a point where the story stopped, and it was my turn to write. I sat there, tapping my finger weightily on the text; each impact sounding like a closer and closer cannon shot. And with each impact, a bubble expanded around me, a barrier of force that repelled all the people around me, stifling the questions they were asking me and shutting out their stares until I was a universe alone.

It ended with me wondering if it was possible to live within an impenetrable shield with only a pinhole apeture to look upon the world and to provide all my light and air. From what a perfect place to safely observe the world and write about all its events!
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    The Dismemberment Plan - The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich