August 23rd, 2003

Want Fries with that?

Cotton to Jin

Why don't we call junk e-mail chaff instead of spam? It's one letter longer, but it is an easier letter to type than the (R) you'd have to type respecting Hormel's trademark. We'd have an accurate and linguistically established word to use, and instead of saying "spam-filtering" we could simply seperate the wheat from the chaff. Indeed, good messages could be called wheatmail. Mmm, wheatmail. It sounds wholesome in a way that would make Wilford Brimley proud. And then we could term that process after Eli Whitney's cotton jin... "to jin". "I just jinned my inbox," Doug said to Susie, "so let me see if I got your message."

It's because English majors didn't design the internet and Monty Python fans did. Well, enjoy your endless litigation from Hormel.
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Maybe I should get drunk and do stuff tonight. I'm way too complacent sober.

Things I have to do after work today:

+Laundry: I have only left socks! *choked with sobs*
+Writing: 'Twas brillig...
+Coding: [insert cheap M$ joke here]
+Reconcile my checkbook: carry the L? you can only buy vowels! when did I buy a L? what the L? *degenerate into pun-driven giggling*

Or I could just sit here and read and watch movies like normal. So sad to have no ambition!
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