August 4th, 2003


Step 1: Choose an action. Step 2: Commit to that action.

The child stares around himself at the adults all frozen into place.They all seem to be going about their daily business, but stand stock still all around him, not noticing, frozen in action. Day in and day out, as the child walks among them, they are unchanging Parmenidean monuments. Each, in growing, has completely lost their freedom of movement.

Day in and day out, they pass the child, scarcely noticing him. What a shame, they think, that this child is frozen into place, never to grow up.

"there's two doors to choose, but only one bears your name"
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A Solitary Mine

Do you know what time it is?

What you see here is all too true. I refer to the timestamp. It was a long night of mild stomach discomfort and reading. My solace was found within the pages of From These Ashes until I lost consciousness for awhile after 0600. Nothing like page-long bits of sci-fi to keep the mind preoccupied. I was worried, regardless, that I would be completely bushed. I did not want to get up. I even thought about calling in sick. But minutes before my alarm clock went off, I heard a loud thunderclap and suddenly relaxed. I fell right to sleep until my alarm clock sounded and woke up feeling about as refreshed as I ever have. Even now, I don't feel the long fingers of sleep dragging me toward collapse at the end of the day.

Tired and a little sleepy, yes, but it's not a struggle to stay awake or to concentrate. But I have to confess, even by 0500, my stomach was starting to feel better. What surprises me is how alert I am this morning. Perhaps it comes from the previous day being so mentally active (critically analysing the Seven Samurai, reading about 200 pages of sci-fi short shorts, reading that article about how there is no such thing as an instant of time by that Lynds guy). Whatever, today is the day for some reason!
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