June 16th, 2003

Hello Time Bomb!

Need j00r Help

I had something scary happen last night. I came home from vacation and I had only 279MB left on C:\! OH NO! Now, of course, when I was fifteen, I would have loved to have that much memory at all (killed, probably). But my next project is to be uber1337 like The Reverend Dave and rip all of my CDs/LPs to mp3. At a decent quality.

Poll #146637 mp3 quality survey

What is a decent (optimal?) bitrate at which to encode mp3s?

128. A Meg a Minute is all you need.
160. I can't really hear the difference any higher than that.
192. Midway between 128 and 256; it's good quality while not wasting too much space.
256. The files are huge, but sound better to me.
320 or higher. Space be damned—I want CD quality audio.

At what rate do you usually rip?

320 or higher.

"I am too lazy to click the 'post comment' link. Give me a box to put text in."

Now that that's out of the way: my plan is to expand my current drive array. Right now I have:
  • 20GB Maxtor HD, in perfect or near perfect condition. Its name is Bond (—James Bond) and it is currently D:\.
  • 80GB HD made by I don't know who, put in by Dell. Its name (there may be a quiz on this later) is Doom (as in Dr. Doom), which is currently my C:\.

I was pricing thumb drives, but for the same cost I could get a real HD. I am thinking about getting a Maxtor 120GB EIDE 7200 RPM drive since they are about $100 (shipping included) on pricewatch.com. I like Maxtor because I have never had a problem with mine. 1 year warranty = yay! since these damn big drives are supposedly crap for longevity. I would have almost 200GB of storage in my tower, and since my 20GB would get booted out (only 2 drive slots), I could try my hand at a IDE to SCSI kit, something like this. Then I would have a 20GB external to use. I can't think of anything else to do with my 20GB, but it works flawlessly and I'd like to keep it. A kit (not necessarily the one I linked) would probably be a worthy investment. I don't know; I'm actually kind of clueless at this. I don't even know how I got this far in the thought process, though a bit of it was thanks to Jason.

I would have:
  • 120GB internal Maxtor HD, name to be determined.
  • 80GB internal HD, known as Doom.
  • 20GB portable SCSI drive, known as Bond.

That would be pretty sweet right there. Does anyone have experiences/recommendations with 100+ GB drives, especially with Maxtor, or maybe Seagate? How about with IDE to SCSI kits? Any suggestions/experiences/reservations? Will I very likely fry my poor 20GB drive which has been very good and wonderful to me?

And my last dilemma (you will recall the question of the mp3s, and the matter of the hard drives) has to do with VCDs. I actually took a number of video clips with my new camera this weekend, and I want to get them onto VCD. A coworker told me it was very easy but did not tell me how. Does anyone know?

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