June 10th, 2003

A Solitary Mine

2 and 3

We've gotten 5 inches of rain so far this month, according to the Weather Channel. That's half an inch a day. I believe this to be a lot. All rain and no something means I can't really use my camera much. Hopefully, it remains sunny today. I want to utilize the most of my day today. I've got a seminar/class today but after it's over I've got the day off. That, and my bosses are pretty okay with my proposal for a raise. Wow, suddenly work doesn't seem like such a bad place to be. I'm going to visit my grandmother in the city and then pick out a museum and go and enjoy myself, maybe relax in central park and finish my book, probably check out St. Mark's and make sure it hasn't forgotten my name while I've been away for so long.

increase the dosage

I feel an almost illicit delight in that I watched the final episode of the Fifth Doctor's run on Dr. Who last night. Indeed, the first Doctor's DVDs are next in the family's NetFlix queue, but I couldn't resist breaking with my geek heritage and in fact watching an episode out of order. So deliciously out of order, to watch one Doctor pass as another emerged, but out of the 'natural order' to which my earlier self would have been bound. To watch one die, before you knew him living; yet it only seems fitting for a series where the protagonist can say of a planet that it was quite thriving, last time he'd visited, which may or may not have been in the future.

count back from 10

I have, lately, been entirely consumed with time. I'm reading The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time right now, and my mind is at play in the timestream. I feel... catalysed.

while you sleep, they will come and get you tonight

Speaking of time travel, I went back to the place I worked April-June of 2001. It looks funny to see it written, because even though it was only three months it seemed ever so much longer than that. But I went back not even to go in; I assumed there wouldn't even be anyone I knew there anymore. I cracked a dark smile when I saw to my astonishment that the entire store was gone and the space gutted. I felt that sort of out-of-the-frying-pan relief that one might feel after being born. I didn't exactly have the sensation of being born again, but I did feel at least a bit like the placenta was cut. I mean, I could have still been there. And then where would I be now? Nowhere. There are no mistakes; only actions and consequences. I quit my job there and went out to California to be with Michelle. That didn't work out, so I moved home, got a better job, and grew up some. It's all good. Hopefully, my former manager, Jose, is now a cop full-time. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner had to close that store because he left.

As for me, I'm not running out to California after any girls for a good while now. The only mistake is that made twice.

(so I guess this is goodnight)
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