May 21st, 2003


Losing My Religion (but I'm not angry)

Wow, this copy of Pop Song 89 is really choppy. Time to download a new one.

I think I may need to take a page from Becca and get in touch with my 'religion' a bit more. I don't really believe in any kind of orthodoxy, but it is nice to take a step outside yourself and hear concordant thoughts from an external source. The system closest to my own is of course Buddhism, so maybe I ought to get some reading on. I have been so immersed into the Hastur mythos (read The White People last night, which was interesting at the outset and petered out from there. Do I believe in the sort of anti-theistic pseudowitchcraft? No. Do I believe that "evil" consists of something outside the natural order (killing is a natural act, though one with negative repercussions. walking through walls is not a natural act, though Shadowcat uses it for positive effect)? Yes. Good vs. Evil is really one game. What's really... outre is whatever opposes the traditional game. I'm collecting my stories of things that Should Not Be and going from there.

Cheap weddings are good. Reinforces my philosophy that it "takes a village" — each should offer of their own talents to put together a wedding that celebrates the union of fellow community members. Plus, I want a moonbounce at my wedding if there's more than 5-10 people there.
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