April 15th, 2003



Ok, so my car's in the shop. I'm going to fix the last of the damage from the accident of my birthday last year. I've got the money; why not?

Everything needs to be in readiness for my trip on Friday. I get out of work at three; I'd like to be on the road by four. It's Good Friday, so there will probably be traffic. I should burn some more .mp3 CD-RWs and set myself for a long drive to Taxachusetts. After the weekend, it's Vermontwards we go and vacation vacation vacation. It's going to be weird to leave the world for awhile, even a week. I'll have my cel. phone, but I don't plan on doing anything on the web beyond checking the weather.

Four frickin days left!

What am I forgetting to do?
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    Midnight Oil - Power and the Passion

I was a teenage hooker.

I'm at a journalistic impasse. What should I write? Not that I want to be told what to write, but I don't feel like writing here if no one's going to read it, enjoy it, or possibly even go, "Hmm."
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    Kate Bush, Cloudbusting