April 13th, 2003


Coarser, Courser, Corsair

The songs of others echo, whispers in the void
to echo them is to lose oneself in the void
These thoughts of others, to mirror and reflect
is to lose the image of yourself to homogenous bright silvering
Radiant in its mysterious absence of internality

These words of others seem so pure
A revelation just a tad too obscure
The answer to the questions you never thought to ask
til they had been planted in you
Questions you cannot ask that have not before
For we have not yet had time to fabricate answers
Four ones so wise, they always seem to lean on a book
Eyes closed the tighter so the harder they must look

But just to be open for a moment...
and the question is answered,

The sun is out and so should be I
I have a home to seek
and a life to find.
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    Ritual Space Travel Agency - Met Him Pike Hoses