April 7th, 2003


And we don't punch a clock

Jim Carey played the Grinch
that's the original G
cuz Dr. Seuss was just as hard
as hard can be
People say he ain't rhyme
he just make words up
but all that shit gets legit
when you empty ya cup

tip it up, tip it up

That's it, all my checks are written, my register's up to date, and my $100 rebate on my phone is all filled out. Now just to photocopy the lot at work tomorrow and post them all. I need 20% of $30k* by the end of the month. I've got $3,000 easy after all my bills this month, but $500 is going to fix my car, and I've set aside at least $500 for vacation (I forget how much it's going to be). What's nice is that I'm getting my commission for last month at the end of this one, so that'll be a nice bonus. If I play my cards right, I could have a cold four grand all of my own. Now whether to put that in government bond funds (or a balanced fund) or into this co-op apartment remains to be seen. But Cornell (or other equivalent educational institution) ain't gettin it. Give me more low-interest, tax-deductible student loans. Because if I buy this co-op from the guy desperate to sell and then turn around and sell it at a more realistic price (conservatively, let's say $30k and he's asking $25k because he's desperate for cash), I stand to make way more money than any student loan interest. And I'll get a return on the funds I'd invest in, one way or another. Beats $2 a month in interest in my savings account.

Now you all know how mad frugal I am. The word is "cheap".

*or as low as $20k if he takes my first offer.
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Silky Smooth; PDE

Real Estate Baron

Huh, I like the sound of that. And all at the age of 22. Buys a place below market price, fixes it up, sells it for $5 profit. Buys next model up; lather, rinse, repeat.

Wow, this is just like Escape Velocity. Easy, right?

By the way, word around work is that I am The Man. And I'm up for promotion to The Motherfuckin' Man.
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