March 23rd, 2003

Relaxing... a little

I wear my sunglasses at night

I have problems driving at night. I'm an okay driver, so that's not it. I haven't been diagnosed with narcolepsy lately, either. In fact, I can drive perfectly fine (even better than in the daytime, I think) when there are no other cars on the road. The problem I have is with headlights. My eyes are extremely good at night, unassisted. They're average during the day. I just happened to eat a lot of carrots as a kid, or perhaps I'm just plain gifted. But I've got a whole hell of a lot of rods, and they're very sensitive. I can see extremely well at night until... you shine a light my way. Ouch! My rods wigg out and my irises contract and suddenly there is little light coming into the eye. I am, effectually, blinded. Thankfully (or possibly disastrously), I'm not alone.

People keep telling me to get Night Driving (some of them actually say "night vision". I'm not sure what they're thinking of, but according to AAA (read: Triple A); I need AR glasses. In fact, the so-called 'night vision' glasses have been ruled unsafe (at any speed) by the FTC. Whoops!

The actual glasses, with AR (anti-reflective) coating, are used also for shooting and in photography and can be quite expensive. Yes, that's in POUNDS. Quite a hefty premium to pay for something that may or not work. They reduce glare, but supposedly more light actually enters the eyes. That still seems like I'm going to be a-squintin'.
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