March 14th, 2003

Silky Smooth; PDE


Ok, I've set up my userinfo so that people (friends only) can text message me from my info page. My phone's going to be charging overnight, though, but knock yourselves out.

My car got new sneakers yesterday, and they feel pretty sweet. $260; I know people who pay that for just two people shoes. And I put the vanilla-scented bead bag (which my girlfriend bought for me) underneath my seat last week and the car still smells deliciously like twinkies. So thank you, sweetie.

I still have to set up wireless web tomorrow and stuff. I'm kicking the shit out of some loans. The money is just pouring in, rock me. I stand to make some phat bling dollah and I'll be able to help that one lady adopt a kid.

I bought Super Smash Bros. Melee just the other day (hey, they dropped the price) so my brother and I can rumble this week. Should be fun.
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