March 2nd, 2003

Grrr!, Dammit!


I just reinstalled windows and I still can't get anything but Semagic and browsers to work.

EUDORA has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AOL Instant Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The second I start a program up, it gives me an error right away. An unhandled exception. Norton Antivirus doesn't pick up anything, but that's not saying much. Everything just dies in the middle of something. I think the last thing I did was open a game I had left over from my old computer. A DOS game. Never gave me troubles before. But I quit out of it (I just opened it to see what it was) and that's when I think programs started closing. Eudora got an error (probably the next time it went to check for mail) and shut down. AIM gets up to the point where it's retrieving my buddy list and then self-destructs. mIRC won't even open. I'm just grabbing random programs here. Q3 runs, and I can get it to run multiplayer. It's not the network, but it seems Internet-related. Browsers work, thank heavens, but I don't know why.

Let's see if Semagic posts.

Holy shit... that's why I couldn't even system restore. Something changed my system date to the year 8195. You know, I saw that in the BIOS and everything, but just figured it was some kind of Universal Time bullshit. Wow. Livejournal once again saves teh day. Is there anything it CAN'T do? So now I want to know what the deuce changed my system time, since it's supposed to be synched up over the internet and everything. It's also nice to know that six thousand years from now, system restore will be useless.

The Positive Side - I finally figured out what the .exe behind the "MessageApp" program that I couldn't find yet was consistently giving me problems was. Every time I went to shut down, I got a message that "MessageApp" was not responding and that I could wait or "End Now", but I was running no MessageApp. And there was none in the task manager. However, when I clicked the exception box (yes, MessageApp fell prey to the date change as well) for more info, it said "damon.exe". Well, bye bye, DAMon!/MessageApp. I don't need Dell Monitoring my activities anyway. I'm not going to need their tech support monitoring apps that slow my performance down anymore. Bastards.
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True Stories

My mouse wheel was being a bit unresponsive, so I took the mouse apart, put it back together, and now it's working better. I had a scary moment where I thought I dropped a bunch of pieces, but they just fell into one half of the mouse casing. Has anyone else had problems keeping the mousewheel working? I thought I was done with this stuff when I got the LED mouse.

True Stories is on. THX-1138 is on tonight.

The last time I watched True Stories, I removed the polish from my toenails. I feel faintly that I'm missing the scent of acetone.

There's no concept of weekends anymore.
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