February 13th, 2003


Last Night, I Dreamt...

Wow, last night, I dreamt there was this underground movement of freestyle jivewalkers. I dreamt that not I alone would rather dance than walk. I even met Shaquille O'Neal (inspired most likely by the fact that at least two of my customers are pro atheletes), which would normally not be a big thing except he had the same smoove way of walking. Always ready to throw in a half-step, always with a tune in mouth, we are a rare breed. And then I woke up and remembered that I am alone. Oh well, I can still tap my way along the crosswalk and spin down staircases. Just by myself, for now.

And then I realized that like 90% of my friends/peeps/acquaintances are more than two time zones away, and the other 20% are in Florida. Time to become a multibillionaire.
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Hello Time Bomb!

As asked: "What are you doing on the special day?"

1) Mailing out my taxes
2) Getting an auto insurance quote
3) Laundry
4) Washing my car
5) Paying my loans and reconciling my check book
6) Calling about an employee discount on a cel plan

I will probably do some coding, read up for my vacation in April, and play some serious gamecube
And catch up on the RP if I don't do so tonight

Now that I've written it down, maybe I can make at least half of it happen. The GameCube half.
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Relaxing... a little

I should probably check Caller ID more than once a week.

Huh, Electronics Boutique called. I guess my TLoZ preorder disc is in. Good thing I called them just yesterday; according to the receipt, they only hold stuff 48 hours. Add one more thing to the list for tomorrow!

I'd forgotten about this video. Ha!

I should probably work on my proposal for a livejournal append posting feature.
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