January 31st, 2003

Many Loves!

The Leper's Child.

I had a dream last night, of the leper's child. This man carried his son all the way into town and onto my porch, against all odds. Let me tell you, when the townspeople found out he was one of the lepers from the colony outside the city limits, they were not too happy. But I let him hide inside, playing video games with some of my buds, while I checked out his son. The boy seemed entirely healthy, if not somewhat deprived from living among a colony of lepers. But he was a bright boy, and responsible from his short years of caring for his father and others. He was a good kid, and I liked him. I wanted him for my own, after a fashion. But he was wholly healthy, so I let him loose to play on my lawn and run around. It was a beautiful thing.

Someday, maybe, he would grow up to cure the lepers. Too late for his father, too late for many. I would never do it myself, but I could let them use my gamecube and my dreamcast and my damn bean bag chair if it meant they would enjoy themselves for a bit. Feels like the least I could do, and maybe the most.
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