December 17th, 2002



So far, four COUNT THEM FOUR people have responded to my call for e-mails. That's pretty cool; about what I expected in 24 hours. All of them have been chicks women, so far. WHERE MAH DAWGS @? The menz need to reprazent.

As Tamara said, it's a pretty cool idea. I think I'll leave it out there, as an open call. I think most people don't consider a random livejournal person as someone to e-mail when they just need to relax and unload. It's nice to have interaction that goes deeper, beyond just LOL and explores each of the individual letters' mea

Late for work. C-ya!
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Hello Time Bomb!

Sir Edmund Fucking Hilary - Update!

If you have a paid account, you can now subscribe to my journal's syndicated RSS feed, eidetekerss.

Why? Because it's stupid. And it's there.

PS, If you buy six months or more of account time as a gift, you get a free month!

Update! Since each feed's journal has its own rss feed (it's an automatic feature of livejournal... /username/rss/ works for most anyone), I can recurse! Yay! You people know how much I LOVRE recursion. I got up to five iterations of my journal before I stopped.
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